Monday, November 30, 2009

CEO KPI: Organizational Leadership:

• Creates and sustains an organizational culture focused on

o Shared commitment to serving the community
o Innovation and continuous improvement
o Valuing the contribution of every team member regardless of “rank”
o Optimizing individual and (more importantly) collective organizational performance
o Striving to see each issue as the community sees it

• In an environment of ageing workforce and potential skills shortages

o Understands contemporary recruitment, development and retention issues and develops and implements a long-term human resources/organization development strategy which addresses the shire’s immediate and long term needs (e.g. traineeships, professional development, retention strategies, succession planning, etc.)

• Address the health and well-being needs of the Shire’s organizational team, recognizing that tin a large and diverse workforce, striving to meet the community’s high expectations, that pressures, conflicts, and tensions will arise, working strategically to minimize their incidence, and to address issues when the do arise

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