Monday, November 30, 2009

CEO KPI: Financial Management:

• Ensures the budget preparation process reflect Council’s policy/strategy objectives and priorities as set out in Council’s Community Plan and other approved policies and strategies.

• Ensures optimal use is made of community funds and resources, including indentifying and elimination of waste, and opportunities for cost-saving

• Ensures ongoing management of performance against budget, whilst addressing unexpected needs or circumstances when the arrive

• Ensures financial performance is reported regularly (monthly) to Council and that and adverse trends are identified and auctioned.

1 comment:

  1. The financial KPIs need to have specific and measurable targets, not fluff as is indicated here. The KPI should include that adequate planning is made for future infrastructure build and maintenance and that any lack of such planning requiring any additional budget funding from rate payers will be met with suimilar percentage reductions to councillors salary package. Similar impacts on salary packages should be the result where council fails to maintain rate increases to within CPI as provided by the Reserve Bank statistics.