Monday, November 30, 2009

CEO KPI: New Items

This Particular post is where to comment on other KPI should be developed for the CEO.

For comments on Current KPI items see each post identifying a specific category.


  1. Drop the word “strive” from KPI. The word is too weak.

    Identify some measurable specific tasks to be done: no missed planning approval dates, for example.

    Identify Actions to insure transparency

    Expand KPI to include measurable goals not just so general as it is now.

  2. It is interesting that nowhere in the KPI is there any mention of Transparency (completely open and frank) and what it means.

    Joe Lenzo

  3. What has happened to the CEO's reappointment.

    How do you find out what the KPI being proposed, are for a particular CEO - and is the final agreement then confidential, known only to the CEO and Councillors?.

    I'd been left with the impression that the KPI is all confidential stuff.

    The final agreement on mutual expectations is causing some grief I believe in our Council.

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