Monday, November 30, 2009

CEO KPI: Council/Organization Governance/Process:

Recognizing that:

Council has significant policy-forming and decision-making responsibilities across a very wide range of complex policy issues Council is committed to a well informed, collegiate, consensus-focused approach, and to open, transparent decision-making
Councilors’ time is a scarce resource

• Provides processes to facilitate a positive, mutually supportive working relationship within Council and between Council and the Shire organizational team

• Ensures that reports, briefings and presentations to council are well focused, timely and appropriately comprehensive

• Ensures councillors are alerted to issues of importance, of a political, strategic, or more immediate or local nature, at whole of Council or individual ward/local levis, as they arise, as appropriate

• Ensures the organizational team is responsive to requests from councillors for information or assistance

• Provides pragmatic , workable solutions for Council to facilitate policy/strategy implementation that response to local community needs

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