Monday, November 30, 2009

CEO KPI: Community Relations and Engagement:

As Council’s principal advisor, and as champion of Council’s policy and service delivery objectives, the CEO will lead and guide the Shire’s engagement with the Mornington Peninsula’s diverse communities so that Council policy/strategy development reflects an understanding of community needs, expectations and priorities, and is seen to do so. This requires that the CEO:

• Creates processes/opportunities for engagement with the community:

o At a “whole of Peninsula” and local level
o At a strategic and more operational level
o With resident. Business, environmental and other interest groups, and
o At council’s initiative and in response to community requests

• Ensures open responsive working relationships with all resident interest groups, so that “shared focus on shared goals” is achieved wherever possible and

• Ensures that Council communicates as effectively as possible what it is doing and why it is doing it, recognizing the challenge of achieving engagement with the less interested as well as the most interested

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