Thursday, March 22, 2012

Win #2: Victoria Electoral Commission Review

The efforts of many ratepayers overturned the demonic and costly efforts and mailings by TheShire (which included commissioning a legal firm to send a letter to the Victoria Electoral Commission accusing them of bias).

The effort was not directed against single councillor wards which may seem the case; it was direct against an organization that does not listen to its ratepayers. An arrogant and marginalizing organization (Mornington Peninsula Shire) and some of the councillors who uphold and give overwhelming support to this culture.

To this end the following councillors must be unelected in October and the reasons will be clear on some of the other votes by division that will be documented later in this newsletter.

Gibb/Celi who are already blatantly (to some) campaigning as a unit in Seawinds Ward.
Shaw: Briars Ward (Employer)
Smith: Cerberus Ward (Employee)
Goodrum: Nepean Ward (Time to Retire and enjoy life)
Martin: Red Hill Ward

Does not matter much who is elected in their place as the devil himself would be an improvement in Democracy, Ratepayers and Residents Rights, Transparency and Accountability.

This action would change the dynamics of TheCouncil from being the “Board of Directed” to “The Board of Directors” which is what we elect them to be.

It is important today to start the campaign against these people and so I am suggesting that you start talking them down if you know anyone in their wards. Also looking for candidates to stand against them. Lots of help here including how to get elected and what to really expect if elected. Contact me for more info or if interested.

For those of you who are not happy with the CEO consider this: “a council with a lot of new faces challenging the status quo is Kryptonite to a CEO”.

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  1. There is absolutely no doubt that celi/Gibb have trotted out the pork barrel in Rosebud with at least $13000 given away from their discretionary fund in the last three months. Unfortunately, for new candidates, it is a hard act to follow. One can only hope that the community is not so easily conned with handouts. After all, it is people's rates that are being given away.