Thursday, March 22, 2012

Win #1 Transparency/Accountability:

Finally after many years of “harassment” by Ratepayers and Residents, TheCouncil had no option (election year) but to allow recording of council meetings to document who said what. No more “I didn’t say that” or “you took it out of context”. This was fought tooth and nail with some councillor hold outs until it was obvious they could not stop it and then changed their vote at the last minute and gave great speeches in support of it.. Talk about Duplicity and Moral Character.

The vote was by division so we even get to know who voted for what. Notice that GIBB still spoke against transparency and voted against it. I had a meeting with GIBB once and when I started to record it he went ballistic and for good reason. He would have been held accountable for what he said.

VOTE BY DIVISION (Requested by Cr. Pittock)
For: Cr. Bowden, Cr. Celi, Cr. Colomb, Cr. Eustace, Cr. Martin. Cr. Pittock, Cr. Rodgers, Cr. Shaw and Cr. Smith
Against: Cr. Gibb


  1. At last.
    They are now accountable

  2. irenecmom@Gmail.comMarch 24, 2012 at 3:13 PM

    Hello anonymous - we were requested in a very nice and polite manner to PLEASE identify ourselves when posting remarks. In future please do so. Thank you