Monday, September 7, 2009


This local law covers a lot of issues and rules concerning the auxiliary uses of streets and roads and covers many diverse subjects such as:
  • Advertising Signs (including real estate)
  • Trading from A Road
  • Street Parties, Festivals and Processions
  • Shopping Trolleys
  • Livestock on Roads and Horses On Reservations
  • Activities on Footpaths, including Shopping Precinct

Worth a look with maybe some interesting comments to be made where the subject matter is of interest to you.

Again, the "devil is in the details" of the supporting policies.


  1. Local Law #5:

    Again enforcement is an issue. We need more enforcement officers. Why have the law if it is not going to be enforced on a proactive basis (not when complaints are made and even then it seems that enforcement is weak). Should the shire consider subcontracting some enforcement issues?

    Part3 Section 17: Property numbers to be displayed: NOT! Ever try to find your location by looking for property numbers? Ever try to find a retail location by identifying the property number? So how would emergency vehicles be hampered resulting from this one not being enforced?

    Part5; Section 29: Signposting of Restrictions: seems to be reluctance on shire officers to post appropriate signage to restrict use of heavy vehicles even when this is in clear violation of the road classification scheme.

    Signage Policy #?: States that Real Estate signs to be displayed longer than seven (7) days after sale requires a planning permit. I don’t think there is any enforcement of this provision as many real estate signs remain on site several months after sale and why not?, it is free advertising.

  2. Should the council charge a fee for real estate signs given they are usually mounted on the footpath which is the council's jurisdiction? We live in an area where there seem to be properties for sale on a regular basis and the signs remain for weeks, sometimes months after they are sold. If one agent is unsuccessful then another agent is appointed and a new sign is erected. I feel there should be consideration for neighbours who have to look at these usually unattractive signs for weeks at a time. Should there be a time limit on for sale signs? What is the REIV ruling on signage displays?