Monday, September 7, 2009


This particular law deals with the conduct and rules and guidelines for Hire and Use of Public Facilities within the Shire. It also purports to deal with "quality of life" issues and nuisance behaviour.

It deals with Buildings, Swimming Pools and Recreation Centers, Pedestrian Malls, Reserves, Municipal Land, Smoking Issues and many other administrative issues surrounding these subjects.

It is worth a look especially to those who use the Public Facilities covered in this document.

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  1. Smoking: new tough rules need to be established about smoking. When and where is one issue but improper discarding of butts (on pathways, on the beach, etc. needs to be addressed big time). And lots of penalty points for first time offense. No warnings!

    Smoking: To smoke on beach or not to smoke on beach??? Maybe not but if not then how about having a smokers beach here and there (lots of fines can be collected for improper discarding of cig buts).

    Enforcement: generally enforcement of all the local laws is lax, at best. Enforcement needs to be addressed and maybe we need to add a lot more rangers. Why have laws if they are not enforced???

    Much detail here and rules and regulations --- good luck