Saturday, July 18, 2009


The shire tells us over and over and again and again about how transparent they are.

Here is a chance to have your say both positive and negative.

Be specific where possible.


  1. NOT!!!

    I attended a meeting of Peninsula Speaks today and listened to one story after another about the lack of Transparency.

    The bureaucrats comingle and confuse the privacy laws and FOI to prevent us from having information and even when we, as ratepayers, pay for consultants to study whatever, we can’t get the information from the bureaucrats for one reason or another

    Try to get any financial costings or analysis that they have done.

  2. Actually. The bureaucrats have convoluted the Privacy Laws and Freedom of Information Laws (FOI) to make sure it is almost impossible to get any information out of them no matter what without filing FOI and paying a fee which means they have a lot of time to respond (six weeks or more?) by which time the information is no longer germane. Cute and tricky!

    They appear to not realize that the Privacy Laws were to protect privacy and that the FOI laws were to allow us to get important information with confidential stuff censored.

    And as far as best practices which they lay claim to at every chance: just ask them for the “best practices” for implementation of the Privacy Legislation or better yet, ask them what specific section of the privacy legislation prevents them from giving you the information you requested.

    Joe Lenzo

  3. And then there are the answers provided that avoid direct questions asked