Sunday, July 26, 2009

Absurdities and other Stupidities

There are many issues with how things are done and some of the stupidities surrounding some decisions.

Currently the shire is going through a law review and this is a chance to make comments on stupid laws and decisions made in the past.

There will be public submissions on the law review so make sure you get involved.


  1. Here’s one::: the bureaucrats now call speed humps “traffic calming devices”.

    Speed humps used to stop speeding but these “traffic calming devices” must take into account motorist expectations so they are now designed that crossing over them at 60kph is not much of a problem and the hoons love to sit on the level top and do burn outs.

    Although speed humps used to stop traffic at 20kph the shire bureaucrats are now really nice guys. No doubt this, they will claim, is a liability issue, as everything seems to be, (liability petrifaction) and they have to worry about some hoon exceeding the limit and wrecking his car. I say crush the car in the first place!

  2. Liability Petrifaction: Definition = 1) the process where local governments become petrified of liability issues to the point where they attempt to limit all risk. 2) The state of being in denial that there are certain risks associated with daily living. 3) The state of using risk management to the extreme whereby the attempt is made to eliminate all risk. 4) The state of local government being paralysed with liability petrifaction that they can look for no other solutions.

    Synonym: Liability Paralysis.

  3. Here is an idea: all laws that have not been enforced and a ticket or warning issued within the last 12 months should be automatically seriously considered for exclusion from the books.

    Further, all laws that have not been enforced and a ticket or warning issued within the last 24 months should be automatically excluded from the books.

    What sense does it make to have a bunch of laws on the books that are not enforced??? Just takes up space and add administrative bureaucracy to maintain them.

  4. It is absurd that we have laws on the books that are not being enforced.

    One of the most important is adherence to planning permits where the permit holder violates the permit and then goes to VCAT claiming they are entitled to get a new permit that encompasses the violations under the provision of previous use.

    The shire needs to put more effort in to enforce the laws they have already on the books.

    Joe Lenzo